Heroes v. Dollhouse

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I'm watching Heroes now, I just saw the latest episode of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

When I'd heard that Joss was doing a new series, I thought: "WooHoo! BuffAngeFly II!!". I was sincerely hoping for another great series with amazing plot twists and turns and awesome characterization. Well, at least until the inevitable puppet episode.

But then I heard what the series was about.

It's an "edgy" series about an undercover Los Angeles agency that not only rents out high-class prostitutes to fulfill their customers' every desire, but then erases their memories so that after they're done screwing their money-laden clients, they remember nothing of the incident and revert back to their child-like brain-inhibited states. Oh, and sometimes they're hired out for ninja infiltration and assassination. Because it's Joss, and it wouldn't be Joss unless every human being with 2 X chromosomes had M4d N1nj4 Skillz.

But ... I forced myself to watch it, and ... I kinda liked it.

Okay yeah, the whole "it's kinda technically rape, isn't it?" thing doesn't jive well with my belief that rapists ought to be gently introduced balls-first into a chipper-shredder, but I have hopes that there's more to this than a series about human sex-trafficking. Because it's still Joss, right, and he's only using squicky concepts to shock us and then ironically turn it on it's ear, right? Riiight?

So the first episode wasn't spectacular, and by the second episode, I was slowly starting to agree with Tycho and Gabe on the subject. Except, I'm slowly starting to see something in the show that I ... like. There's an undercurrent of ... what's that called again? Oh yes, HALFWAY DECENT WRITING. Something I haven't seen on TV since the first season of Heroes. This most recent episode kicked me in the gut with a few twists that I SHOULD have seen coming a mile away, but apparently too much predictable television has completely numbed me to this sort of thing.

I feel like I'm enjoying this series to SPITE myself! It's really bizarre. Am I just slavishly devoted to Joss, and determined to like this no matter what, or am I seeing a decent show here for a change?

Your thoughts?

Now about Heroes:

"Really Hiro?! You STILL haven't been able to use your powers since Mr. Petrelli (if that IS his real name) zapped you last season, even thought EVERY other hero that has encountered him and lost their powers have miraculously regained their powers just ... just because they wanted to, except now that a baby who controls electricity touches you, you suddenly have one (and only one) of those powers back!? Really? Is that internally consistent with the way that anyone's powers have worked so far? You'd think that Ando throwing around +5 power bonuses would have been able to kick start them better than Baby-Power-Up. Yes, and isn't it too bad that Sylar, mass-murdering psychopath at large brought the angry bald Federal guy that was hunting him a nice prezzie, isn't it? He's so thoughtful. But at least, AT LEAST Michah's Aunt who hasn't seen him since he was little, not only recognized him at a glance but knew exactly what his powers were. You'd think her sister wouldn't have had time to send her family update e-mails what with being on the run all during the first 2 seasons.* And it's fascinating that Angela was almost able to escape the Federal Agents that had her limo surrounded by simply WALKING OUT THE DOOR AND DOWN THE STREET!?" Oh! OH!! And it's a damn good thing that every mother who has a convicted terrorist for an ex-husband reacts to two grown men trying to STEAL HER BABY by calmly asking them their intentions and seeing nothing wrong with their story, decides to believe them. Because hey, why the Hell not??"

So please, could SOMEone, ANYone, give me a good reason that I'm still watching this show?? [sigh]

*As I was writing this, I just realized how this would have been possible, but I don't care at this point, I am a big Ranty McRanterson! Graaaaaaaah!!

This is for a friend of a friend of mine ...

Hi there!

I have a friend on Second Life, named Hypatia, who has a lovely wifey named Rachel. Rachel is a fairly talented artist, but is unfortunately introverted and self-conscious of her artwork. Hypatia eventually coerced her lovely wifey to start putting some of her art up for sale on Esty. She's done so, and is slightly terrified that someone might actually ... y'know, SEE it. [scratches head]

So if any of you might know anyone who knows anyone that might be in the market for some artworks, click on the pretty picture:


I'm using LJ as my method of getting her work out there, since this is where I know the most people. :)

Muahahahaha!! Foolish Mortals!!

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What? You thought that I was going to STOP having over-simplified straw-man political debates with myself just because one of the GOOD GUYS is in office now?? Oh Puh-LEEZE!!

A lot of people are freaking out now that Obama is President. I haven't seen the Alexandra Pelosi movie yet, but I hear that people on the Republican campaign trail were going absolutely apeshit at the proposition that Obama might in fact become President of the United States. Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone who off-handedly mentioned: "... not that that's going to matter once Obama bankrupts the country...". It blew my mind.

Unfortunately, I've have been blessed with the Gift of Foresight, and I know ...exactly what's going to happen.

Conservatives: "Ohh GOD, Save us!! Obama is the ANTICHRIST!! He's gonna take away our GUNS! He's gonna BANKRUPT the country!! He's gonna open up our borders to ILLEGALS!! He's gonna leave us vulnerable to TERRORIST ATTACKS!! He's gonna fuck up the HEALTHCARE system!! He's gonna expose our children to the MORAL DECAY of pornography and LEGALIZED DRUGS!! We're all gonna DIE!! This is truly the END of DAYS!!"

4 years from now:
Conservatives: "[snort] Well what the Hell happened to all of this big CHANGE that you fucking Liberals were talking about? Isn't that why you elected that guy Obama in the first place, because you wanted CHANGE?? I don't see any CHANGE around here, do you? It looks like we're exactly where we were before! Your big Liberal Jesus didn't CHANGE a goddamn thing. Pathetic ..."
Liberals: "But we're out of the financial crisis that we were in 4 years ago!".
Conservatives: "Oh, you mean that slight dip in the economy that you all blew out of proportion? Yeah, good job there, Bar-rack..."
Liberals: "But the War in Iraq is over!!"
Conservatives: "Hel-LOOOO!! Maybe you forgot a little incident aboard the USS Abraham LINCOLN ... where a guy named George Walker Bush said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"!? You're giving OBAMA credit for a war that Bush won 6 years before Obama even took office? Typical...".
Liberals "But what about ... ahhh, forget it ...".

(Because we're Liberals, and we always back down when we're defending our own beliefs) ;)

How, in the name of all that's Holy, does Phil Floogle do that thing with his EYES!?!?

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Okay, so I'm reading TV Tropes from work. Many of you may be familiar with the fearsome time sink that is TV Tropes. It is a wiki of all of those themes, cliches, and other recurring elements that you see in popular media. Like many wikis, it is hideously addicting.

I was just looking through a trope called Scare 'Em Straight, which is a litany of all of the creeptacular ways in which adults have used pure, unleaded Nightmare Fuel to frighten children into staying away from drugs, not speaking to strangers, and of course making sure they don't have unprotected sex.

One link on the page led to this video, entitled "One Got Fat", which is supposed to be a 1963 movie on Bicycle safety:

I've watched this video, every horrifying moment of it, and I know that the pale, soulless faces of these hybrid alien children will haunt my dreams tonight. I advise you all to watch with caution, for this is truly terrifying. However, I have learned a very valuable lesson from this short film:

That you should never ... NEVER read TV Tropes from work.... [shudder]

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Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

Furthermore, I just played this on my laptop to see if I could get the cats to freak out, and Charlene just glared at me and said: "What's that high-pitched noise?". I did not hear a thing. Like ... at all. I would have sworn that she was totally messing with me, but she had no way of knowing that I was clicking on the test from here. Spoooky!

(Consider this subject line a polyamory content warning)

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Okay, so last yesterday (Sunday), the beautiful wifey and I were watching a M*A*S*H* marathon of our own devise. I was playing WoW and downing Manhattans like they were Gatorade, and she was snuggling with the kittehs and falling asleep.

There was one episode that struck me as slightly ... off. It was a 3rd season episode entitled: "Life with Father". In this episode, Col. Henry Blake gets a letter from his wifey, saying essentially: "I know that you're miles away from me in a foreign country, and that sometimes people get lonely, so if you should turn to someone else for ... comfort, I would never hold it against you".

Now, when Henry first receives this letter, he is overjoyed. Not because his wonderful wifey has just given him permission to fool around outside of their marriage, but because he has been given permission to continue to fool around outside the marriage.

What? You didn't think he'd been FAITHFUL to her all this time?

The truth is, in a time of war, when people are apart, sometimes Absence makes the heart go yonder. It basically went without saying that many of the M*A*S*H* regulars were carrying on affairs while overseas, and people generally looked the other way and assumed: "What happens in Korea, stays in Korea". Even the alarmingly chaste BJ Hunnicut, who stayed faithful for most of the series, had an occasion to "fall off the fidelity wagon" with a lovely nurse who stops by the 4077th.

So when Col. Henry Blake gets "permission" to cheat, he immediately goes to brag to the other guys that he's the luckiest guy in the world, and now has carte blanche to fool around. He is positively beaming with joy.

Until ... he starts to suspect his wifey Lorraine's motivations for this sudden permissiveness. Could it be that ... SHE has strayed during his absence?

By the end of the episode, he discovers that yes, she has been straying, with a guy from the local dance club. Poor little Henry Blake is devastated. He has tears in his eyes, he feels betrayed, his entire world crashes down upon him. His beloved wifey, the woman he loved and trusted, has been ... exactly as faithful as he has. It's absolutely heartbreaking.


Yes, I'm sure that the POINT of the episode was the hypocrisy in cheating on your spouse while expecting HER to remain faithful. And I realize that this was the 1950s, where you really couldn't blame a GUY for wanting to sow a little wild oats while out on the front, but a WOMAN was expected to be more chaste than Penelope until his return. I get that. I just don't get how someone can be hurt by someone committing the selfsame sin that they've been committing for the past three and a half seasons.

Is this the way human emotions work, and I've just been a shapeshifting alien sleeper agent all this time? That would certainly explain a lot about me. [twitches]

This might not be an awesome idea .... [cringe]

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Viked from emyrldlady (Who in turn stole it from mordread4u )

Ok ... many of you on this F-List have known me for well over 10 years... some of you for 20 or so .... instead of me telling you about me, guess what.

YOU now tell me about me.
Who has the guts???? :)

1. What do you call me?
2. What should my theme song be?
3. If you could give me one present, what would it be?
4. What one thing/event do you associate with me?
5. Tell me one thing about my self that you think I do not know, but you feel I need to know.

Happy Darwin Day!!

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Ganked from the lovely Skepchicks:

The Catholic Church is a tyrannical organization that attempts to subvert and brainwash its parishioners! First they kill a bunch of people in the Crusades, THEN they burn a bunch of people in the Spanish Inquisition (Which no one expects) and turn a blind eye to the atrocities of the Holocaust. But this time, oh yes THIS TIME, they have gone TOO FAR!!


Those rascally Catholics! [shakes fist] :P

In less sarcastic Catholic news: Plenary Indulgences back by Popular Demand!" Better get your hammers ready, Lutherans! :P