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Muahahahaha!! Foolish Mortals!!

Hi there!

What? You thought that I was going to STOP having over-simplified straw-man political debates with myself just because one of the GOOD GUYS is in office now?? Oh Puh-LEEZE!!

A lot of people are freaking out now that Obama is President. I haven't seen the Alexandra Pelosi movie yet, but I hear that people on the Republican campaign trail were going absolutely apeshit at the proposition that Obama might in fact become President of the United States. Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone who off-handedly mentioned: "... not that that's going to matter once Obama bankrupts the country...". It blew my mind.

Unfortunately, I've have been blessed with the Gift of Foresight, and I know ...exactly what's going to happen.

Conservatives: "Ohh GOD, Save us!! Obama is the ANTICHRIST!! He's gonna take away our GUNS! He's gonna BANKRUPT the country!! He's gonna open up our borders to ILLEGALS!! He's gonna leave us vulnerable to TERRORIST ATTACKS!! He's gonna fuck up the HEALTHCARE system!! He's gonna expose our children to the MORAL DECAY of pornography and LEGALIZED DRUGS!! We're all gonna DIE!! This is truly the END of DAYS!!"

4 years from now:
Conservatives: "[snort] Well what the Hell happened to all of this big CHANGE that you fucking Liberals were talking about? Isn't that why you elected that guy Obama in the first place, because you wanted CHANGE?? I don't see any CHANGE around here, do you? It looks like we're exactly where we were before! Your big Liberal Jesus didn't CHANGE a goddamn thing. Pathetic ..."
Liberals: "But we're out of the financial crisis that we were in 4 years ago!".
Conservatives: "Oh, you mean that slight dip in the economy that you all blew out of proportion? Yeah, good job there, Bar-rack..."
Liberals: "But the War in Iraq is over!!"
Conservatives: "Hel-LOOOO!! Maybe you forgot a little incident aboard the USS Abraham LINCOLN ... where a guy named George Walker Bush said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"!? You're giving OBAMA credit for a war that Bush won 6 years before Obama even took office? Typical...".
Liberals "But what about ... ahhh, forget it ...".

(Because we're Liberals, and we always back down when we're defending our own beliefs) ;)


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Mar. 6th, 2009 02:39 pm (UTC)
[devil's advocate]

Much as I despised the man's domestic policy, it _was_ Bush who led us to the "unhot" Iraq war we have right now, not Obama. And just like I said during the primaries, Obama has no intention of bringing home the troops before their job is done; he can't and he knows it. That's why we now have this plan to "re-mission" troops, leaving them in place but redifining them as "training and support" personnel (will calling troops "military advisors" fool more people this time than it did last time? ;) ). All the posturing in the election that was designed to encourage this meme of "Democrats means out of Iraq, Republicans means ETERNAL WAR!" was bullshit.

Overall, I stand by my assessments of the man from before the election: he won't "take guns away", but he'll violate the Second Amendment as much as he thinks he can get away with. He won't shit on our rights as blatantly and obviously as Dubya did, but he'll continue the liberal trend of eroding our _actual_ civil rights in favor of some imagined "right to be taken care of by the government". And he won't transparently shred the Constitution for "national security" (again, like Dubya did), but he'll continue to consolidate power in the hands of the federal government, ignore the Constitution in ways that his supporters will think are totally cool, and gradually contribute to the long-term erosion of checks and balances in our government that will ultimately destroy our free country.

Obama himself won't ruin America. But he's part of the long-term problem that will ruin America years down the line, when nobody will care anymore about this recession, or Iraq, or what any politicians thought about abortion.

The ultimate test of Obama's lasting influence on our history will be what he does to the Supreme Court. We're at a historic tipping point in American history at the moment, where we can either start to undo the unconstitutional federalization that's racked up during the last century, or run with it and destroy the foundation of our freedom. Obama's appointees to the currently-divided Court will essentially decide the fate of the Constitution. Based on who he is, and his attitude about the role of and limits to government power, it's a test I expect Obama to fail.


Meh. I guess that's enough doom-and-gloominess for one morning. ;)
Mar. 6th, 2009 05:52 pm (UTC)
hi there!

I feel for you, old buddy. I know that you have the unfortunate position of actually having an opinion of your own that doesn't fit neatly into one of the two strictly defined political "wings". Ergo, I imagine that you must constantly find yourself into the no-man's land between Bighippiefreeloveliberalpagantree-huggin'commiepinkoLGBTpolyBDSMLefties, and ConservativeChristianbigbusinessgun-totin'familyvaluescreationistprotectionofmarriageantidrugwarmongers. An unenviable position, I'm sure. :(

The things that you say about Obama with regard to the Constitution really do disturb me, because sometimes I fear that you may be right.

For example, as a librarian, I'm always reading about issues of censorship and free speech. Naturally, I'm all FOR free speech, and will defend to the death anyone else's right to speak their mind. But I'm a little reluctant to defend the words of the KKK. Rush Limbaugh can blather all he wants, Bill O'Reilly can be an ass, but sometimes I feel like I'd be okay with never hearing some fuckhead scream "White Power" under a raised fist ever again. So which of my principles do I stand behind?

It's a similar situation when I'm torn between my defense of the Constitution of the United States and my Bighippiefreeloveliberalpagantree-huggin'commiepinkoLGBTpolyBDSMLeftiness. I believe in the Constitution as a noble document cataloging the Rights of Men. (and Womens) But a huge part of me would Love Love Love Love to live in some kind of Hippie Paradise where the poor were taken care of, and the rich were taxed into oblivion, and corporations have oversight committees way the hell up their butts and our marriages are plural and intersexed and we all sing together Goo Goo Gajoob.

Realistically, however, I know that this kind of perfect Hippie World would probably wind up being as much of a totalitarian nation as George W. Bush's UberPatriotic wiretapped Police State with torture and pre-emptive war. There are only a scant few Liberal issues that I disagree with, but rather than compromise over those issues, I'd feel a lot safer under a regime that respects the US Constitution over my Liberal pet freedoms. :(

But if I believed for one second that a Liberal Paradise would actually work, I'd actually be up on a hill somewhere defending it. (Which would be really tough, since I'd have to learn how to defend my ideals with a longbow and a sword. We wouldn't have rifles, after all) :)
Mar. 6th, 2009 06:45 pm (UTC)
There are only a scant few Liberal issues that I disagree with, but rather than compromise over those issues, I'd feel a lot safer under a regime that respects the US Constitution over my Liberal pet freedoms. :(

What it boils down to. An example I like to use is that, Constitutionally, the federal government doesn't have any right to regulate abortion, for or against (an argument could _possibly_ be made for FDA-style regulation as consumer protection under the Commerce Clause, but a ban or a ban on bans is strictly verboten); abortion policy is between you and your state. The Constitution doesn't give Washington the authority to set medical policies for the states--it doesn't even give them the authority to ban murder at the federal level.

But abortion advocates (yes, I know, "nobody's pro-abortion") refused to take the hard road and change policies and minds state-by-state, and instead supported a "creative" reading of the Constitution that allowed the federal government to blanket-legalize abortion across the country. That may seem great if you're pro-abortion and the prevailing legal culture is, too, but what happens when that pendulum swings back to the right? By ignoring Constitutional process, you've actually handed the feds a justification for a future nationwide _ban_.

People who pick and choose which Constitutional principles to respect don't seem to understand that undermining any part of it is undermining all of it. This is why I'm so disturbed by Obama (and Dubya)--he thinks it's just ducky to "interpret the Constitution as a living document", and even if you like his policies, he's strengthening the tools future administrations will use to undermine rights that _are_ important to you.

That's why, last election, I voted not for Obama or McCain, but for the strict constructivist SCOTUS judges McCain's always promised to appoint.

Incidentally, I have no issue with letting the KKK demonstrate. In a properly functioning system these issues are self-correcting. A hundred assholes show up to chant about white supremacy (or, say, the evils of polyamory), and a a half dozen smarter people can deconstruct the gaps in their logic for the world to see. Freedom of speech means being willing to constantly speak out against ignorance, and set the record straight the best you can. Banning speech you disagree with is taking the easy way out, and it doesn't actually work.

...a huge part of me would Love Love Love Love to live in some kind of Hippie Paradise where the poor were taken care of, and the rich were taxed into oblivion...


... Let's just say we agree on the sanctity of the COnstitution, and leave it at that. ;)
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