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Dreams Dreams Dreams Dreams

Hi there!

I fully intended to sleep extra extra late this morning, but somewhere around 5am, I woke from a series of really bizarre dreams. (contains wench18 and gamingnut)

First, I was driving down Marconi Road in my hometown, heading to Route 18. Some guy did something truly idiotic and flip-off-able. Usually I don't flip anyone off while I'm driving. People carry guns these days. But whatever this was, it was totally worth getting the finger. So I did, and continued down the hill. At the bottom, there was a HUGE backup of traffic, because of a riot that was going on. A real nasty one, too. The riot spilled out onto Marconi Rd, so we pretty much had to leave our cars. As we walked to a safer location, I noticed that there was a Renaissance Festival going on nearby. This made me feel pretty safe, since Rennies are, for the most part, my peeps. I'd have given the Rogue's Guild at LEAST 2 to 1 odds against the Watts rioters. There was someone there who was a friend of the lovely wench18, so we hung out with him and waited out the riot. He let us borrow one of his DvDs for some reason.

Next thing I know, I'm getting ready to teach a class of High Schoolers that turn out to be my graduating class. My cousin Glen also shows up, and Steve Huey starts doing an Eddie Izzard routine, making fun of Glen in the process. (good-naturedly, though)

I forget what happens next, but I find myself following someone that I think is in the Russian mafia. He has a huge briefcase, and is out to get me. I'm in an old abandoned building, hiding desperately on the stairs hoping that he doesn't come down. He does, but I'm able to get the jump on him and knock him out before he can see me. I continue upstairs to see what it was that he was hiding in this old abandoned building, and it turns out to be a hand-made replica of a sonic screwdriver. Because you know, Russian Mafia, Doctor Who Cosplayers, they're just SO difficult to tell apart. [nods]

I crawl out of the building, strangely unconcerned that I've obviously doomed myself to a lifetime of being hunted down by the Doctor Who Mafia, and escape into a quiet Southern town. There are a bunch of old people, sitting around on porches, talking about the relative merits of Morgan Freeman vs. Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson. After a while, an awesome summer party springs up, attended by Brian May and some of his musician friends. A gorgeous young girl comes up to me, and tells me that she's looking for gamingnut. I explain, of course, that I am one of his closest friends, and try to find out a little more about her. She then explains that he is going to be best man at her upcoming nuptials, so I decide to NOT use my passing friendship with Dan as an excuse to hit on her after all.

I go into my bedroom. (somehow my childhood bedroom is in the middle of this Southern town) and see a bunch of people sleeping. One of Brian May's musician friends plays the familiar "Dream Sequence" music on a harp, and I wake soon after.


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Feb. 21st, 2009 07:13 pm (UTC)
aaah. the brain.
Feb. 25th, 2009 04:14 am (UTC)
That's actually a really cool dream... Thanks for sharing.
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